1 in 5 Working Adults Uninsured in Nevada

Most uninsured people are under 65, as the elderly population is almost universally covered by the nation’s Medicare program. Adults between 18 and 65 make up 77 percent of those under 65 who are uninsured in Nevada. Most of them are working people too.

Nationally, more than three-quarters of the uninsured population were working families—62 percent were families with one or more full-time workers and 16 percent were families with part-time workers. The remaining 22 percent of uninsured families had no participation in the workforce (2011).

1 in 5 adults under 65 with a full-time job are without health insurance in Nevada.

That, according to a research brief on the uninsured by the Nevada Legislative Council Bureau. You can read the full report here.

Asking these working people to “get a job” obviously isn’t the answer. That’s why the new health care law provides subsidies to people in the lower range of household income. It’s essentially subsidizing a working person, much like the government gives subsidies to a myriad of businesses to help encourage economic growth.


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