40 Million Above Poverty by Public Benefits

There are various public assistance benefits that come under scrutiny every time Congress and state legislatures meet to discuss budgets. Philosophical differences often drive the debate about the merits of these programs. The Ramirez Group’s Daily Snippet is designed to offer facts for consideration, leaving the philosophy to the philosophers. Our Daily Snippet for July 31, 2013:

40 million Americans are kept above the poverty line by all state and federal public benefits.

In Nevada, that amounts to 300,000 people who are kept above the poverty line by these public benefits.

Arloc Sherman, Danilo Trisi, and Sharon Parrott of the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities offers a detailed report on how people in every state benefit from public benefits.

 “Social Security had the largest effect on poverty — keeping 26 million people above the poverty line, including 16 million seniors.  But other key programs keep millions of Americans out of poverty as well.”

Those programs, such as SNAP, EITC, Unemployment Insurance (UI), tax credits, Medicaid, Child Care Assistance, Head Start, the Pell Grant, housing assistance all play a large role.