About Ramirez Group

Building9.pngWe are a public relations, advocacy and multicultural outreach firm based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Our diverse and experienced team of experts provides a broad range of services, including media and campaign strategy, conference and events planning, issue advocacy, digital media and online organizing, fundraising, research and analysis, direct marketing and database management.

Ramirez Group is a Hispanic-owned, woman-owned company – the only Hispanic-owned, full-service public relations and consulting agency in Nevada.

Above are merely the company lines, and Ramirez Group embodies much more. Here are the real reasons you want to get to know us – and why you'll hire us:

  • We thrive in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world. At our office you can find us exploring the latest digital trends, dissecting the newest gadgets and animatedly discussing current events. We are avid media consumers – it’s why we’re in this business.  (Check out our blog and see for yourself.)
  • We also cherish the past. Apart from the interoffice 1990s-era rap battles and random outbreaks of sword fights (yes, we have swords at the office), we continuously learn from every movement and every innovator who came before us. We incorporate past knowledge with present needs. It’s how we plan successful campaigns and events. (Learn more about Our Approach.)
  • We love our community and, more important still, we love our community’s food. When Jacki and Andres established Ramirez Group, they set forth one rule: Let there be lunch. It is an edict we obey every day, and there is no more sacred time at our office than lunchtime. We frequent every mom-and-pop restaurant within five miles of downtown Las Vegas (we like to call it “market research and analysis”). If you're looking for a recommendation or even some lunch buddies, you won’t find a more enthusiastic group of eaters. (Just a glance at our Facebook page will tell you how much we love food.)
  • Our team’s diversity makes us a truly one-of-a-kind enterprise. Jacki and Andres Ramirez have brought together a group of individuals who vary widely in ages, ethnicities, backgrounds, languages and talents. Yet we work side-by-side every day and even spend time outside of the office (an uncommon amount of time, to be frank) enjoying each other’s company and coming up with new ideas to improve our community and our work. (Find out who makes up Our Team.)
  • Our relationships set us apart. They're the roots of this company and the reason we are able to branch out into so many different fields. What started as a small, three-person firm specializing in Hispanic outreach has become a statewide enterprise working on some of the most exciting and change-stimulating projects in Nevada and the southwest. Feel free to contact us  to learn more.