Are you covered?

The Nevada Health Link is the online marketplace established by the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange as a result of the Affordable Care Act.  It provides qualified Nevadans an opportunity to purchase a health plan who otherwise may not have affordable options to purchase health insurance. In Nevada, the state government established the Nevada Health Link as well as expanding Medicaid to serve hundreds of thousands of Nevadans who lacked health coverage.  The two programs combined have insured close to 200,000 Nevadans. According to the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services, the uninsured rate in Nevada was 23% prior to the implementation of these two programs, and since then the uninsured rate has dropped to 11%.

Enrollment in Nevada Health Link has increased this open enrollment compared to last enrollment despite the fact that this open enrollment period is only half the time of the first enrollment period.  That has been a result of many factors.  The enrollment website being used this time, works substantially better than the previous one providing consumers a better experience.  Also, insurance carriers are more proactively recruiting people to sign up for health plans.  The fines for not enrolling in a health insurance plan increased this year to $325 or 2% of your annual income, so more people feel motivated to enroll. However, in keeping with popular American culture, many people are waiting to the last minute to enroll in a health plan.

So, are you covered? If not, don’t panic there is time for you to get enrolled. Our Get Healthy. Get Covered event will feature several exhibitors to educate you about your health resources in our community, as well as provide you free medical screenings.  In addition, we will have over 100 enrollment professionals to provide you in-person assistance to help you complete your application successfully. We encourage you to come prepared so that you can complete your application timely, and accurately.  There are some documents that will help ensure that you have all the information you need when completing the application.  For example: W2 forms, most recent tax filings; social security numbers for each applicant; government issued identification card; and birth certificate.

If you still need coverage, we hope to see you there.  If not, we hope you will share this information with someone who does.