Be Ready for New Facebook News Feed

No need to panic!  While Facebook is rolling out its new features, it will come in phases, one element at a time.

The changes should serve as an asset to Facebook, making it more viewer friendly with bigger content, dynamic, and help to filter out the random musings and garbage that irritates you.

Be aware, there are changes to managing your privacy settings:

“There are a couple reasons to manage your privacy settings, the largest of which is that Facebook is also rolling out its new search engine, Graph Search. That makes it easier to find out more information about you — assuming you’ve shared it publicly. You’ll want to manage the information you share only with your friends, and what’s publicly available.

For example, if you search “photos of me,” it will show photos that are publicly available — whether you’ve hidden them from your timeline or not, or whether a friend has posted them.”

Personally, I like that you’ll be able to manage pages either on a global or local level.  So if you want to do a post specific to a city you have followers in, you can.  Wow!  Local oriented pages have proven to be more successful and interactive than global pages, but this could change all of that.

You’ll also be able to manage your pages with your mobile phone.  Not being able to do that in the past has been a big irritation.

More to come on the new Facebook timeline… stay tuned!