Cameras on Police Officers Reduce Use of Force and Complaints

A new trend of technology is just beginning to take seed in police departments across the country. That technology is body cameras for police officers. A department in Salinas, California just recently announced it wants to begin using the cameras soon. The technology already has had dramatic success in Rialto, California (see infographic below).

In one year, body cameras reduced use of force by 60% and complaints dropped 88% in Rialto, California.

That’s according to a study written by Police Foundation Executive Fellow, Chief Tony Farrar and Dr. Barak Ariel, Cambridge University.

While some people have expressed concern about privacy, according to an article written by Randall Stross in the New York Times, Jay Stanely of the American Civil Liberties Union supports the cameras, saying that cameras on police officers actually gives the public the opportunity to watch the government, as opposed to cameras set up in cities where the government is watching the people.

The same article also mentions that Taser is filling orders for body cameras from numerous police forces across the nation from cities such as Salt Lake City, Utah to Fort Worth, Texas. If the public will see a 50% reduction in use of force incidents nationwide remains to be seen.