Clark County Ranks at Top in Political Influence

Who would have thought that a county in a mostly desolate state with less than 3 million people could be one of the most politically influential in the nation? Perhaps truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

Clark County, Nevada is one of the five most politically influential counties in the nation.

Philadelphia based firm Azavea teamed up with the Sunlight Foundation to geocode years of individual campaign contributions to candidates in federal elections. Contributions are reported by zip code, so this was no easy task.

As reported by the Atlantic, this data found that just 10 counties of more than 3,000 nationwide contributed 30 percent of all federal campaign donations. Clark County ranked fifth on that list.

Here are the top ten:

  1. New York County, New York
  2. Washington, D.C.
  3. Los Angeles County, California
  4. Cook County, Illinois
  5. Clark County, Nevada
  6. Harris County, Texas
  7. Fairfield County, Connecticut
  8. Dallas County, Texas
  9. Middlesex County, Massachusetts
  10. Palm Beach County, Florida

As local political reporter Jon Ralston likes to say, #WeMatter.