Emily Sandoval, Associate and Community Outreach Organizer

Emily_Sandoval.pngEmily Sandoval is a community outreach specialist at Ramirez Group. With years of experience as a field volunteer in electoral campaigns, Emily knows how to engage and mobilize people around any cause or product. Her passion for empowering Nevadans drives her to work to reach the often-underserved Hispanic and youth communities.

In addition to outreach activities, Emily assists in preparing budgets and managing databases to keep our office running smoothly and efficiently. She also provides translations services for our clients in both written and spoken Spanish.

Emily was originally recruited as an intern but promoted to associate after demonstrating her skills in and dedication to public relations. Emily is currently working towards her bachelor’s degree in political science and plans to attend law school at William S. Boyd School of Law.

In her spare time, Emily spends time with her parents and younger brothers. She loves to travel, especially to her native California, and try new foods. 

Downloadable Media Kit
(Includes Bio Text File, Photo, and PDF)

Connect with Emily: emily@ramirezgroup.com

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