Has Twitter Ever Recorded a Profit?

There is a lot of investment buzz out with the fact that Twitter is holding its initial public offering and some specific facts that make this unique from the IPO of Facebook. Twitter executives have been on the road drumming up support and interest among potential investors. Some of the main selling points of Twitter include 100 million daily users, 253 million monthly users of which 53 million reside in the United States, 173 million users active monthly from some mobile device, 3 million websites are integrated with twitter, and only an estimated 5% of these accounts are spam accounts. Even with all of these great selling points, the fact still remains:

Twitter has never made a profit, and has accumulated a total debt of almost half a billion dollars.

This lack of profit has not affected the estimates that the total valuation of twitter is around 11 billion dollars (Update: stocks opened at $26/ share with total valuation of $18 Billion).

What revenue Twitter does produce at the moment comes 87% from advertising and the remainder comes from application development. Twitter is trying as best as possible to avoid a dip in stock prices like what happened with Facebook.