Locals rush to sign up for health care as deadline nears

Report by Rebecca Lewis of Action News 13

Dozens of locals came out once again to get help using the state’s health exchange website.

Saturday’s events were nothing compared to the lines of thousands of people we saw trying to enroll at the Cashman Center.

There were still plenty of people looking for help in hopes of getting insured before Monday’s midnight deadline.

The Ramirez Group opened up help centers in three job connect offices around the valley.

The two Action News visited had between 30 and 50 people trying to enroll at any one time.

Many of those in waiting for a computer said they’ve been trying to sign up for months, but continue to run into problems when trying to submit their information.

For people running into those errors, the only advice the staff could offer was to keep trying, or to call the Health Link offices.

Others in the office included some older people who admitted they needed help because they are computer illiterate.

If you do continue to run into errors, you will have a little more time to complete you application as long as you have started the process, by the time this clock hits zero.

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