More Women With a College Degree Than Men

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On average, women get paid less than their male counterparts in the U.S. workforce. There have been gains however, as the gap is decreasing with every generation. With the younger generation, there are some interesting trends that may affect the pay disparity going forward.

There are more women age 25-32 with a four-year college degree than men.

That according to data published by Pew Research Center (see chart below). In fact, women make up 60% of U.S. bachelor’s degree holders according to a CNN Money article published in 2013. The trend has been growing wider for younger demographics.

While many other factors still explain why pay gaps exist in favor of men, there is certainly a trend of the gap closing. However, part of the increasing parity between pay for men and women is a result of men getting paid less, according to another Pew Research figure. It is uncertain if that trend will continue or reverse.