Mr. Trumps of the U.S. of A.

By no means is this blog meant to go viral, or reach the President or someone famous. This blog will probably never reach the Donald Trumps of this country. I say Donald Trumps because there isn’t only one Donald Trump; there are many.

The real Donald Trump has made some atrocious statements regarding Mexicans, other ethnic groups, and even kicked journalist Jorge Ramos out of a press conference. The scary thing is that there are many people with similar sentiments, making Mr. Trump a popular candidate to be the Republican nominee for the presidency.

During his campaign launch  back in June, Donald Trump had the audacity to mention that Mexicans that are sent to this country are not good people. He went as far as calling them rapists and criminals, and described the United States a “dumping ground for everybody else’s problem.” Months later, Donald Trump seems to have no regrets and remains unapologetic, regardless of how much criticism he has received.



Community members, the media, and business partners alike have come out in criticism.Univision, NBC, Macy’s and others have, in a sense, “fired” Donald Trump. The National Hispanic Leadership Agenda even issued statements imploring that NBC Universal cut ties like Univision did, which has happened since.

Journalists nationwide are having a field day with Trump’s shenanigans, as every statement he makes becomes a news story due to its comedic element or, in my opinion, outlandish ignorance from his part. He’s stated that once he wins the presidency, he will ensure that all 11 million undocumented immigrants are deported. Not only is that impossible, but also exemplifies why having a President Trump in the White House is not a good idea.

Another example of why a President Trump is a bad idea is his treatment of journalists questioning him and trying to hold him accountable for his statements.

Back in June after Univision cut ties with Trump, Jorge Ramos, a highly admired journalist and advocate in the Latino community, sent a handwritten letter to Trump requesting an interview. Trump published Ramos’ cell phone on his personal Instagram; heightening the tension that already existed between the two. Afterwards, Ramos made multiple attempts to land an interview with Trump to no avail. During a press conference in Iowa, Ramos attempted to ask a question regarding immigration, and Trump, who seemed uncomfortable with the question, had Ramos removed.

Like actress America Ferrera, I’d like to thank Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump’s candidacy will be a test in uniting Latino and immigrant communities, and getting them out to vote. If we succeed, it will show the political power of Latinos in this country. According to the US Census,Latinos/Hispanics in Nevada make up more than 27% of the population, and along with the rest of Latinos in the country, they will have a say in who will become our next president.

I say this to the Donald Trumps of this country: the more you attack the hard working communities that make this country great, the more we will work to prove that sentiment wrong. Come November 2016, I hope Latinos, immigrants, and all those others offended by Mr. Trump, can prove the Donald Trumps wrong once and for all.