Multicultural Outreach

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Multicultural Outreach

Event Planning

Political Affairs and Research Analysis

When dealing with Ramirez Group you are working with an entire team of diversity. Most of our team is fluent in Spanish and everyone has experience with outreach in the Hispanic community. We understand the minority communities in Nevada, we are immersed in minority events, and it's what we do for work and after work. We know the key people in the minority communities, not just the Hispanic community, but also the African American and Asian American communities, We understand that all groups are unique and require different outreach methods. The team at Ramirez Group are active members of the Latin Chamber of Commerce, National Association of Hispanic Journalists, and Lideres Network, among other groups. Additionally, we have connections with key organizations in Mexico and with Latin American consulates that allow us to provide you with international relations.
  • Grassroots outreach
  • Street Marketing
  • Church Marketing
  • Third Party Identification
  • Multicultural media identification
  • Bilingual advertising and design
  • Translation Services
  • Community Engagement