Nevada Education Boards Lack Hispanic Representation

Las Vegas Sun reporter Andrew Doughman wrote a story today about the influence of Hispanics in political office in Nevada. He notes that Hispanics have excelled in recruiting candidates and winning elections in a variety of state offices, but that on the education boards of K-12 and higher education, there is only one representing the Hispanic demographic.

This is especially significant because, as Doughman points out, “Hispanic students represent nearly half of all Clark County public schoolchildren and nearly a quarter of all students in Southern Nevada colleges and universities.”

Today’s Daily Snippet comes way of Mr. Doughman’s article:

The Nevada Board of Regents has never had an elected Hispanic member.

Doughman notes further that the “Clark County School Board and the Nevada Board of Education have each had only one elected Hispanic member.”

Currently, Stavan Corbett is the only Hispanic member on any of the boards. He was elected to the State Board of Education in 2012, and was recently appointed to fill a vacancy on the Clark County School Board.