Nevada: Preparing for Future Events

Nevada is home to a variety of unique events throughout the year and puts its originality stamp on everything that comes through. There are countless special events held in Las Vegas and Reno, making the Silver State a premier destination for visitors around the world. Nevada is an extraordinary location that has the capability to handle large crowds and events. Because of this, the cities and state itself should be doing everything they can to expand on this niche that has been created.

Nevada has countless hotel rooms, conference rooms, and special event launching pads to offer due to the high concentration of casinos that serve as multifunctional community/visitor areas. Las Vegas alone has 150,481 hotel rooms, which is larger than the entire city of Hartford, Connecticut.

Conventions give us an inside look at what Nevada can handle as far as events. In 2014, there were 22,103 conventions held in Las Vegas with over 5,169,054 attendees. Las Vegas is known as a location for festivals that draw hundreds of thousands of people regularly. Las Vegas is on a different level as far as capacity and frequency compared to Reno or some of the smaller cities in Nevada. However, those smaller cities also play a significant role in shaping the event status of Nevada as a whole.


The economic impact that these events have on the state of Nevada is quite significant. Hot August Nights in Reno has an economic impact of $254 million with over 200,000 visitors packing in for the week, close to doubling the size of the city. National Finals Rodeo had a nongamingeconomic impact of $87.9 million for Las Vegas. Reno Air races brought in $71 million, and Street Vibrations brought in $38 million.

It goes without saying that cities in Nevada and the state itself should be on the constant lookout for more events, and they obviously are doing a good job of it.

However, is there more that can be can do to help improve their chances of landing bigger events, like the Winter Olympics in Reno/Tahoe or world stage soccer? The answer is yes, but it is going to take some courage and public support to do it.

For example, for Reno to host a Winter Olympics, the city would an ice rink that can hold an Olympic-sized crowd. The city’s transportation and infrastructure would also need to be expanded and improved to withstand a massive influx of people.

Reno needs to think big in order to push itself into the future like Las Vegas has been doing for years. Las Vegas can’t rest and needs to continue to push itself to create an even better city. Events shape the State of Nevada and will help provide a better future for its cities and residents that live there. The economic impact is vital to the local economies and Nevada should constantly be trying to improve and expand the current event reputation it has.