Nevada ranks 45th in terms of per pupil spending

Where does Nevada rank on education spending?

There are a variety of ways to measure spending on education. Per pupil spending seems to be the most accurate way to compare states on education spending. That said, how a state spends that money is also an important factor.

Nevada ranks 45th in terms of per pupil spending

That according to a Census Bureau study titled “Public Education Finances: 2012“, conducted by Mark Dixon. According to this study Nevada also spends a higher amount of its yearly budget on supportive services when compared to most other states. Costs like administration and school maintenance amount to $1,336,995,000 out of the $3,546,300,000 total budget. Out of these supportive services the largest expenditure comes from school maintenance totaling $376,943,000. This proportion follows the same trend as most states, but differs in the proportion of administrative costs of individual schools.

In Nevada $256,270,000 goes toward the administration of our schools. This is a significantly higher portion of the education budget than even a state like New York. Based on the numbers in the census bureau study, the percent of the annual school budget spent on administration for each school in Nevada is 7.23%. The State of New York spent less than half of that of that at around 3.47% of the education annual budget.


Nevada ranks dead last in students’ chances to succeed according to a report about Nevada published by Education Week Research Center. When comparing these two studies, the trend most apparent is that the more states spend as a portion of their budget on instruction, the stronger they correlate to performing better in education overall.