Nursing Homes Ranked by State, Nevada Does Poorly

Have a friend or family member in a nursing home? Ever wonder how they are treated? Today’s Ramirez Group Daily Snippet offers some answers for how Nevada and other states’s nursing home care rank.

Nevada’s nursing homes rank 43 in the nation, and received an F grade

That according to a recent nursing home report card by Families for Better CareKey Findings:

  • Every Nevada nursing home was cited a deficiency and fewer than 25% of Nevada’s nursing homes scored an above average health inspection, by far the worst record in the nation.
  • There is a profundity of abuse and neglect sweeping through Nevada nursing homes as regulators cited more than 1 in 3 facilities with a severe deficiency.
  • Despite the state’s lousy track record, Nevada’s ombudsmen verified the second fewest number of registered complaints.
  • Nevada is the worst nursing home state in the Pacific Region, scoring the region’s worst grades in 5 of 8 measures.

Generally, nursing home statistics all over the country are alarming:

1 in 3 nursing homes violate federal safety standards


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