Obamacare Means the World to Local Nevadan

Richard Ruiz recently visited with one of our assisters to sign up for health care coverage through the Affordable Care Act and the Nevada Health Link. Richard hasn’t had health insurance since he was covered under his parent’s insurance policy before turning 18. That was over 20 years ago.

Richard is a quadriplegic due to an injury he sustained while playing in a high school football game. He broke vertebrae in his neck after ducking his head into a tackle. He was just 14. He has been in wheelchair since that time.

Richard was happy beyond compare. “I am so happy to finally have health coverage after so many years without… this is too good, I’m not sure I can hold back the tears.”

His story was all too common before the Affordable Care Act. Low income and preexisting conditions precluded millions of people from having access to health insurance coverage. Now, insurance companies cannot deny people coverage due to preexisting conditions. Affordable plans, premium tax credits and other subsidies are available to make health care accessible for everyone.