On the Road to Zero

Nearly every evening as I drive home from work, the same sight greets my weary eyes: two pearls gleaming in the distance, surrounded by red and blue flashing lights.

Another night, another car pulled over on the US-95. Welcome to Nevada.

It’s no better during my morning commute. Cars dot the highway shoulder, police vehicles pulled up behind, a constant reminder to slow down, drive carefully, let the phone fall out of reach.

Yet as ubiquitous as the sight has become, it seems the reminders aren’t enough. No matter where you are – on the freeway, cruising the surface streets or walking around your neighborhood – merely being on the road has become a risky proposition.

The problem stretches far beyond the sky-high number of traffic tickets. In the first 20 days of 2015 alone, 23 people died in traffic accidents – more than twice the number of people killed during the same period in 2014. Six of those killed were pedestrians.

I’ve listed only the direst facts out of a list of grim figures. But just imagine the stats for number of Nevadans injured, arrested or in jail for traffic-related reasons. It’s no wonderNevada ranked sixth in a listing of states with the worst drivers in the nation.


To close readers of the Vegas newspapers, none of this will come as a shock. Subscribing to local news alerts has meant receiving at least one email each day detailing another major car crash, another roadside death. Whether it’s due to speed, alcohol or just plain recklessness, too many Nevadans are losing lives and limbs on the road.

At Ramirez Group, we are proud to work with Zero Fatalities Nevada to achieve just that: no more roadside deaths. Though at first people may think the goal impossible to realize, we ask the public this: what’s the number of traffic-related deaths in your family you consider acceptable?

Therein lies the premise behind the campaign: every life matters. As the effort of various state government agencies, Zero Fatalities aims to remind Nevadans what’s at stake when they hit the road. Through ad campaignscommunity outreach and social media, we’re driving the message home – it’s time to reduce the number of fatalities on our roads. We canreduce the number of serious crashes.

And you can be part of the solution. Next time you step behind the wheel, follow these simple rules and help us reach our objective:

  • Always buckle up
  • Don’t drive impaired
  • Focus on the road
  • Stop on red
  • Be pedestrian safe

Because nothing more than zero fatalities is acceptable.