Open Letter to La Reforma and Carlos Slim

As our campaign continues to generate momentum, the powers that chose to maintain the status quo of corrupt business practices in Mexico are escalating their propaganda machine to undermine and discredit our campaign.

Two Countries One Voice was specifically created in the United States to allow people the freedom to raise awareness about Carlos Slim because of Slims out-sized influence in Mexico. This issue was clearly evident when Slim got La Reforma to publish a column that is devoid of facts or journalistic standards. This column references a statement from a story in Bloomberg News, and distorts it in an effort to push propaganda for Slim by continuing a false allegation that our organization is funded by Grupo Salinas or at least serves as a front group for Grupo Salinas.


Let me be clear, our campaign is not funded, has not been funded, nor will be funded by Grupo Salinas or any of their affiliates, subsidiaries or executives. Our campaign has no relationship whatsoever with Grupo Salinas. This allegation that our campaign is associated with them simply because I have spoken at national conferences where they have been sponsors is beyond ludicrous. If this is the metric that La Reforma uses to determine who is supporting our campaign and opposed to Slim, then La Reforma needs to write a longer column listing most fortune 500 companies in the US and every major US Latino organization as being opposed to Slim because I have spoken at events and conferences sponsored by all of them.

The reality is that Carlos Slim is nervous about the movements in Mexico to break apart his monopoly, and the increasing negative attention that he and his companies are receiving as a result of our campaign. Rather than Slim disputing the arguments of our campaign, he is focusing on trying to discredit us as individuals. Why is he choosing to do this, because otherwise he would have to admit that he has stolen billions of dollars from the people of Mexico.

These tactics may work for Slim in Mexico, but they are not going to work here in the United States and elsewhere. Prepare yourself for a long summer because we are only just beginning, and the drumbeat is getting louder. Your reign of corruption is almost over Carlos Slim.