Sean Hannity Defends Rutgers Basketball Coach (Shocking Video)

As a father, I’m a little shocked that someone like Sean Hannity would be okay with someone calling his son Patrick a fu$%ing fa$$ot and a fairy, throwing basketballs at him or kicking/shoving him around like a piece of meat. To my horror, apparently Sean would be okay with this, as he defended fired Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice yesterday. See video below.

Sean Hannity referred to former coach Mike Rice’s conduct as just “old fashioned discipline.” Really? I’m sure glad my dad didn’t yell expletives, throw objects at me and kick me on a regular basis. Discipline comes in many forms, and some of the most well behaved children I know are never called names and hit. In fact what does it teach our children when we call them names and hit them?

It gets worse when Michelle Malkin and Sean Hannity try to blame the “liberal media” for bringing down ousted coach Mike Rice. So now ESPN is the “liberal media” (see video below)? The “liberal media” line is so overused, it’s just getting to the point of gross lameness to even evoke it. What exactly are they suggesting? Independent journalism should be frowned upon, and ideological based opinion spewing should be the model?

Now why even bring up anything these two Fox News hysterics artists talk about? Because their conversation bleeds over into our political discourse. So many people listen to these two pea-brains and repeat their way of thinking to their friends and families. The point is, these two shouldn’t have the platforms they have. It’s recklessly irresponsible to have their stupidity broadcast to a national audience.

Just watch this video… and then ask yourself why anyone would pay these two to share their opinion about anything.

Hannity Defends Mike Rice


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