Solar Cell Now 130 Years Old

With the Clean Energy Summit happening this week in Las Vegas, the Ramirez Group Daily Snippet for August 16, 2013 brings you an interesting fact and some good news.

The Solar Cell was invented 130 years ago this month

The first solar cell was developed by Charles Fritts in 1883. The solar cell Mr. Fritts developed consisted of a single nearly transparent sheet of gold plated to a sheet of selenium. The efficiency of his solar cell was a meager 1%. These days the most efficient solar cells in the prototype stage run at about a 44% efficiency. The measurement of efficiency on a photovoltaic cell is a measurement of the percentage of sunlight that is directly transferred to electrical current.

Meanwhile in Nevada, solar energy is about to take a giant leap:

“At the Clean Energy Summit, it was announced that Nevada has a first-of-its-kind, large-scale solar-energy project in the works. TheMoapa Band of Paiutes announced they will build a 250-megawatt solar project on tribal land, 30 miles north of Las Vegas. The tribe will partner with Herbst Energy and K Road Power Holdings…..

Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell says Nevada has a bright future with renewable energy. “Nevada, such a leader in so many ways,” Secretary Jewell said, “And also on the forefront in so many areas with renewable energy development, blessed with so many natural resources including solar and wind.””


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Credit for infographic: Extreme Tech