Special enrollment period opens for Nevada health insurance exchange

RG_IntheNews005.jpgSpecial enrollment period opens for Nevada health insurance exchange

Report by Sandra Gonzalez of News 3

At the Ramirez Group, a designated navigator site, employees are calling people who enrolled over the weekend.

For those who qualify for the special enrollment period starting April 1 through May 30, some may faced pro-rated penalties if they didn’t finish the process by March 31.

“Let’s say their application starts June 1st, because they were without insurance for more than 90 days, they are going to be at risk of a penalty,” said Andres Ramirez, president of the Ramirez Group.

Those who make a payment by April 15 would avoid partial penalties.

If people didn’t enroll at all, and are uninsured, they will be penalized.

The penalties will appear when filing 2014 taxes. For this first year, it will be $95 or one percent of your income, whichever is more.

For the second year the penalty increases to $325, or two percent of your income: and in the third year, $695 or two-and-a-half percent of income.

Next open enrollment starts in November.

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