Those Long Lines To Enroll In The ACA

Report By Drew Altman President and Chief Executive Officer of the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation.

On the last day of open enrollment for private insurance plans under Obamacare Twitter was full of powerful photographs of people waiting in long lines to sign up for coverage.


The pictures showed something else as well. Those people weren’t online, they were lining up at community centers and local government agencies. When they finally decided to enroll they wanted to go somewhere and talk to a real person. And they felt they needed help navigating the enrollment process.

survey of the uninsured we did in California recently showed that almost seven in ten have been uninsured for two years or more and about three in ten have never had insurance. More than three in ten do not have internet access at home and roughly one in five say they don’t have any access to the internet. Studies show that health insurance literacy – the percentage of uninsured people who know what a premium is or what a deductible is – is low. For the long term, harder to reach uninsured, enrolling will never be as simple as shopping on Travelocity or Reaching them will take hands on community based outreach.

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