Trends in Nevada’s Population by Race and Ethnicity – Infographic

In business, it’s important to follow trends. If you aren’t careful, next thing you know you might be sitting on a warehouse full of payphones nobody wants or uses anymore because 90% of people have a cell phone.

So what can population trends tell you about where your business should be going?  It’s simple really. If 30% of your population is Hispanic, you better have a plan for reaching them. The truth is most companies don’t. There is an opportunity there to reach out to over 1/4 (quickly approaching 1/3) of the population that so many others have yet to approach.

Can any PR or marketing firm handle the task? You better think real hard about that one. Just ask my friend Michelle how Starbucks made that mistake. And it’s not just language. It’s culture too. You have to know what appeals to Hispanics, and even more specifically the different national/cultural differences among them. Some words might be used regularly by one group, and be an extremely offensive term by another. Approach with caution… but more importantly approach with a professional.

Here’s the infographic that shows the trends in Nevada’s ethnic/racial population growth. The truth is that this is happening in several states throughout the Southwest. Get ahead of the pack and reach a broader audience with your message or product by reaching out to this growing population.