Veterans Face A Higher Unemployment rate.

Did you know the veteran unemployment rate has been higher than the civilian rate until the last year or two? Consistently, the unemployment rate for veterans has exceeded the unemployment rate for other segments of the workforce. 

Major news networks such as CNN and Fox have reported that in 2011, the veteran rate for unemployment climbed as high as 13.1 percentwhile the national average rate of unemployment stood at 8.3 percent

To address the issue, the Obama administration passed legislation in November 2011 to promote the hiring of veterans. The “Vow To Hire Heroes Act” provides tax credits for businesses that hire returning veterans. Unfortunately, the act will expire at the end of this year. This is alarming, since other social safety nets like food stamps have also faced attack.

On the upside, several organizations in the Las Vegas Valley strive to support veterans entering the workforce. Several local job fairs, hosted in part by affiliates of the Urban Chamber of commerce. Provide workshops on resume writing and open early to veterans, allowing them to apply first for open positions.