What Happened to Global Warming?

Snow in Cairo, Egypt? Winter storms shutting down the east coast? What happened to global warming? Nothing.

Globally, November, 2013 was the hottest November in history

That according the the National Climactic Data Center and NASA. 2013, as a whole, is also among the hottest 10 years on record.

Understanding the difference between weather and climate is crucial to understanding climate change and global warming. Weather happens outside your window in a day or a week. Climate happens over a longer period of time and a larger regional area. Global climate change involves an overall global warming, but an increase in extreme and anomalous weather.

As the chart below shows, there were a few pockets of colder than average temperatures, but the global picture is telling us things are warmer than average. The much warmer than average temperatures in the northern regions of Russia is especially telling.

The rapid melting of ice in the arctic regions may explain some of the colder than usual temperatures in the world’s oceans.